When poker debt turns to murder

It was through the assassination of a former travel agency director that a € 80,000 poker debt ended. Koen Everink has been stabbed several times and found dead at his home in the Netherlands, in the town of Bilthoven. The macabre discovery was made on March 4.

The first suspicions relate to a poker player

Koen Everink was a millionaire who previously held the position of director of the Eliza Was Here travel agency. He was then residing in the town of Bilthoven, the Netherlands. His body was discovered in his own home. According to investigations, he died from several stab wounds. A few days after this unfortunate discovery, a first man was arrested.

This is the coach of a professional tennis player. The latter was arrested at Schipol airport in order to clarify the case. This coach is Mark de J. he was notably to accompany the tennis player to the ATP Master 1000, however he gave up because of an injury. When Mark de J. was interviewed at the police, he had confessed that he was at the victim’s home watching a football match game slot online malaysia. He pointed out in particular that suspicious people were prowling around Koen Everink’s house. The suspicions of investigators have arisen.

Mark de J. owed him money

The latest information has revealed that Mark de J. has been a fairly active player lately. He was one of those players who only made big bets. According to a finding on a forum, the man also carried out currency exchanges in electronic version. In 2015, moreover, he wanted to trade on large sums, between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000.

The exchanges were made in order to go to Pokerstars. However, according to some sources Mark de J. had a disagreement with Everink. The conflict concerned a debt of € 80,000 that he owed him. This sum was borrowed after Mark de J. participated in high-stakes poker games. During the loans he made, the millionaire uttered threats, but did not stop granting him loans. He threatened to bring this matter to light.

On Pokerstars, it was found that the player was very active despite losing money. He also tried to join the Aussie Millions. However, those chances were very slim considering his approach to the game. On the platform, the player was by far a winner. Over time, he was losing a lot of money: $ 60,000, $ 14,000, $ 16,000. He never made a deposit on Pokerstars, but funded his account through currency exchanges. His many losses pushed him to constantly find a new source.

The principle was simple, he proposed to make transfers from electronic wallets in order to exchange them for dollars to fund his account on Pokerstars. Large transfers started in November 2015, going up to $ 30,000, whereas initially it was only $ 2,000 or less. Today the suspicions are on him.

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