Las Vegas Sands Does Not Plan To Drop Its $ 10 Billion Project In South Korea

Creating a land-based casino is not easy in South Korea. To achieve this, it is already necessary to plan a very good strategy so that the players bring in a lot more money. In South Korea, only one casino gives residents access to a gambling hall. The Las Vegas Sands, with its CEO Adelson, plans to launch a $ 10 billion land-based casino in this country, in an area where the authorities are very concerned. little interest. This casino will be open to the general public and to tourists. This project is in sight to allow an economic rebound and to satisfy the inhabitants.

A $ 10 billion land-based casino in South Korea

The Las Vegas Sands finds that the Korean gaming market could be an asset to the country. With his CEO Adelson, he plans to pursue the idea of ​​launching a $ 10 billion land-based casino in South Korea. He still hesitates about the investment he must provide. CEO Adelson already had to drop two projects a few years ago. The first was to build a mini Las Vegas in Madrid in which he had to invest up to $ 15 billion.

The second was the Euro Vegas project. He demanded that taxes be reduced, and that players be allowed to smoke indoors. Since these requests were denied, he no longer pursued the Euro Vegas project. The Las Vegas Sands is concerned that the investments it will provide to the land-based casino may not come back to it. He therefore does not approve of the idea of ​​making this land-based casino a casino dedicated only to tourists. This will not allow the country to rebound economically.

It will then be a land-based casino open to citizens and tourists. But the government does not support this idea of ​​the Las Vegas Sands. He does not want to corrupt citizens by making them gamble. However, according to the firm, this is the best way to achieve economic growth in South Korea and avoid unnecessary investments.

Asians like to gamble and spend money in casinos. They have the most tendency to play gambling. South Korea currently has 17 land-based casinos. However, among these 17 land-based casinos, only Kangwon Land offers access to residents. The new $ 10 billion land-based casino will then make it possible for all citizens of South Korea to access the casino.

Tourists will also be able to access the casino. Entrance will be free for them. The goal is to allow them to spend a little more and maintain their reliability. As for the inhabitants, they have to pay an additional cost at the entrance. The completion of this project will put the Las Vegas Sands in competition with Mohegan Sun. Mohegan Sun also plans to set up a $ 5 billion land-based casino at Incheon Airport. He already intends to talk about it.

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